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UltraTri SwedenIMG_8506

UltraTri is a three day stage race across Sweden with a swim leg off the rough west coast, cycling through SmÃ¥land’s scenic landscape – running and swimming in the lush East Coast. The race starts with a 9 km swimming from the remote island of Nidingen by the light house Lilleland. In total the race has 9+3 km swimming, 190+320 km biking and 23+70 km running. Read more >>

STM 2016 Sondre Amdal Foto: Christer HedbergSandsjöbacka Trail

In the winter of 2011 the first Sandsjöbacka Trail was initiated to show the beauty of running from Kungsbacka just before dawn, through the Sandsjöbacka and ÄnggÃ¥rdsbergen natural reserve to Gothenburg. Since then we have held the race annually and grown to become one of the main winter trail events in Sweden – mud cake, happy volunteers, beautiful nature and the battle against the elements. Read more >>

10987370_1647816608775528_757061098390385442_nHallandsleden Terräng

Hallandsleden Terräng is a trail run that started in 2014 to celebrate the 30 year anniversary of the hiking path ”Hallandsleden” situated in the municipality of Kungsbacka and has been held annually since then. As almost all our courses this one is point-to-point and go by bus to the start and run 10 or 30 km trail to the finish at ”FjärÃ¥s Bräcka” where we have activities for the whole family. Read more >>

13227164_754118698058948_5584348005517696495_nSätila Trail

Saturday November 12th we run the premiere of a brand new trail event. In the paths of history passing the deep blue lakes of the county of Halland, over the magic mountain “Texelberg”, through the old village of Äskhult, over waterfalls and withering heights. On paths and gravel roads – with start at Lygnevi beach in Sätila. Read more >>

ÖverFjorden-2016-liggandeÖver Fjorden OW Challenge

5000 meters across Kungsbackafjorden south of Gothenburg. Go by boat the the start and swim your way passed the beautiful islands Vindö, Ramnö, Hällesö och Brokö of Kungsbackafjorden.



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