Strength Training

So a week of not doing very much apart from a little bit of Ashtanga Yoga and swimming is over. I’ve rested the foot to the max and it maybe feels a bit better, I’m not sure.

Today was the second time in the gym in a very long time and I constructed a tailored program to fit my status and injury that consists of:

1) Activation of the transversus (apparently out of order a bit)
2) Upper body
3) Lower body

I’m planning on doing

  • Ashtanga 2-3 times per week
  • Strength 2-3 sessions per week the days I’m not doing Yoga and when I’m at home and not travelling  supporting on competitions or alike.
  • Cardio 2-3 times per week

Each strength training session must start with #1 and then either #2 and #3 or both depending on what type of cardio I’ve been doing or have planned.  The most difficult part will be to find cardio that does not affect my foot and first I have a week in Portugal supporting Benen på Ryggen at ALUT.

Se ya’ll!

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