Via Algarviana Ultra Trail – Via Algarviana

72 hours   –   300 km –  6 680 altitude gain

Next weekend “Benen på Ryggen” and I are travelling to Portugal for the Algarviana  Ultra Trail mostly on the Via Algarviana. He will do the running and my mission is to support and cheer. During the week we’re there we will try to figure out if this route is a feasible project for me during 2019.

The race is held for the second year. They have a limit of 100 participants and in 2017 there were 55 participants registered. 34 of these did the whole distance of 300 km by them self, the rest in relay. 17 of the single finished in everything from 43h 6min to 70h 48 min.

This year there are 66 solo runners registered.

Stay tuned for more updates!

The Via Algarvia


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