My own GAX 100 – Day 4

Day 4 – Andrarum – Brösarp

– Temp: 26-28°C
– Distance: 13.5 km (+1.3)
– Time: 3h 2 min
– SL4 Stage: 7 & 6 (partly)
– Difficulty: Medium
– Markings: OK

Happy birthday to me!

I celebrate the day by taking a wrong turn after 700 meters not realizing this until 1 km. I was still thinking about the stuff I read on the signs of “Alunverket”, Andrarum alum works, where they extracted alum slate in the 18th century. and just passing a bridge over Verkaån the path marking was hidden by some trees to the right and I just continued on the asphalt, as if I preferred asphalt!

As planned today was a rest day and so the plan was to walk the whole distance. The first kilometers the trail goes through the forest and then follows the Verkaån. Small paths, more technical than previous days, and also a bit more altitude, but nothing hysterical. This part is dauntingly beautiful almost with a rainforesty feeling. Although the creek is almost empty, sometimes the water flows and is crystal clear and I take the opportunity and wash myself.

Passing the Hallamölla waterfall the path turns into gravel and more small paths through the woods. Just before exiting the woods onto a gravel road at close to 8 kilometers, there is a huge campsite with two large brand new wind sheds and houses for gatherings. I stop to take some photos but eager to finish I actually start jogging for the first time this day.

A bit of asphalt and then I meet “Brösarps backar” for the first time. Beautiful sandy hills with sparse vegetation, Verkaån still below, working its way through the landscape. The paths on Brösarps backar from 9 to 12 kilometers are demanding but gorgeous.

Entering Brösarps backar
No, not here.

After 12 there is a parking lot with a toilet and a very confusing passing of a huge road with heavy traffic. You can’t follow the markings because you end up in a wire but if you look for the markings on the other side you get the right direction.

One more hill and one more kilometer and today’s stage is over at 13.5 kilometers. However, we are staying in the city of Brösarp so I have another 1.3 kilometers to go. The city offers restaurants and a supermarket as far as I know.

This stage was probably the most beautiful so far and also the most demanding technically. But there is more to come and now it’s my birthday and time to do some serious resting and pampering.

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